Play with Me

I offer a unique style of personalized Spiritual Life coaching in accordance with the needs and desires of my clients, focusing on the enjoyment of the process of Manifestation, as well as sessions of general mind, body and soul enlightening.

In the early 19th century lived a spiritual teacher and writer that I hold dear to my heart Florence Scovel Shinn whom I model one aspect of my practice to a degree. She would call what she did and often what I am doing in the language of the time “Treatments”.

The Following are a couple of playful modern descriptive titles I have come up with for the term “Treatments”.

“I am a Consultant Guide and Catalyst for Enhancing the Perception and the Realization of Desired Manifestation’’, Or a simplified descriptive title could be. “Manifestation Enhancement Provider”


We are using our combined consciousness empowered by our emotions to bring into being the desired circumstances allowing the Manifestation of desired Objects, Relationships and Experiences.

Before we play the game of life together, we need to clearly understand how what we do will play out with the most excellent measure of success.

If Manifestation is the focus of our session, I bring to the table Enhancing Co-creation by being a catalyst for specific desired Manifestation because of my absolute faith that it already occurred, without any doubt, that what we envision is a present fact.


Or, in my most playful words, I offer “Mind-Shine-Heart Sparkle-In a Big Bubble of Playful Faith Assurance and Love’’.

Joy Opens Doors

Loving Brings Love

Smiles Are Contagious

Feel The Dream Fulfilled

Thoughts become Things

Feelings Empower Change

Let Go and Allow - That is Trusting

Take ownership of your situation. Good or Bad, you're the creator.

You can never get it wrong because you can never get it done.

Enjoy your apparent mistakes. They are making you grow.

Celebrate before, not after, you Manifest

Love Where you Are as if it was The Sweet Present you Hope for.

Focus on one good attribute and watch it blossom

Hold your hands up and laugh for no reason, alone or in a crowd. It's a great way to find a true friend.

Tell your Cat Loving friend that Dog is God spelt backwards. Out of the blue!

Silly is Underrated.

Happy Makes Healthy

Tell your Cat Loving friend that Dog is God spelt backwards. Out of the blue!

Feel Wealthy. It's the Vibration that attracts the synchronicities making it your experience.

Inspiration Always Trumps Motivation

Only Say it if it feels good.

Only listen or look if it will be a pleasure to experience.

Guidance can only come from within

The Key "Mind-Shine-Heart Sparkle-In a Big Bubble of Playful Faith, Assurance, and Love"