My Journey Within Begins with Gratitude

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The photo here is of my Vortex! After meditation with three other dear friends in a state of bliss, I was inspired to take pictures of the spot we were meditating in (where the couch is in the image). To my surprise, these rings of light appeared in one of the many shots. It took me a while to realize what I was looking at; I was in the centre of a circular energy wave. I had somehow caught an image of my present Vortex! I took the photo in March of 2007 with A Canon power shot G1, a first generation Digital Camera. On the bottom right side is the head of my friend’s little dog on the outer rim of my spiral energy wave. Buster was about three and a half feet from me, indicating that the base was about 3feet from my feet, increasing in diameter as it rose. I would estimate at the bottom the Vortex was about 6 to 7 feet in diameter. If anyone knows of any similar photos, I would love to see them.


I dedicate the first blog page out of gratitude to the key teachers and authors who have been instrumental in helping me to expand with grace into the person I am today.

I want to share a list (with some helpful links) out of gratitude. So many of my beloved Teachers/authors have imparted their inspiration and knowledge to bring me to the mindful place I am now. They have inspired me to encourage greater well-being in those who may cross my path on our wondrous life journey.

I would love to start my list with the name that makes everyone smile when it falls upon their ears, that name being Wallace T Wattles, who in 1910 wrote a popular book called The Science of Getting Rich and many others

Bruce MacLelland, in 1907 wrote PROSPERITY THROUGH THOUGHT-FORCE

A personal favorite author and metaphysical teacher, Florence Scovel Shinn 1871-1940, after who I more or less fashion my style of “treatments” after. She used this term to describe something she did that I also have a gift for. Florance would give her clients treatment. (This is not directly related to the Medical term as we would use it in our modern language.)

Neville Lancelot Goddard (February 19, 1905 – October 1, 1972)

Jane Roberts Channeling Seth

I need to add my most influential personality here appropriately after Jane Roberts, that being, Esther Hicks Channeling Abraham

Louise Hayes

Eckhart Tolle

Bob Proctor

Dr. Joe Dispanoza

Micheal Bernard Beckwith

Jake Ducey

Baba Ram Dass

Sad Guru

Thank you for the sweetest of gratitude meditations Jessica Heslop – Manifest by Jess

Please share with me the teachers/authors you have found in your Journey that have led you here , And those things you are grateful for; Love, Joy

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  1. James Tarantino

    Joy is onto something here. The millennia-old philosophy of gratitude and self-realization through a connection with the Cosmos, shared by a very intelligent and thoughtful woman. A life-changing experience.


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