We Begin by synchronizing our consciousness towards a common goal

I enjoy beginning our session with a gratitude affirmation and then an energetic clearing which I have been practicing for many years. Taught to me by two Western Native Americans at different times in my life and again by a gentleman in Thailand who showed it to me when I was around some cobras at a red cross facility.

The clearing does not involve physical contact; It involves certain motions with my hands while focusing consciously on grounding your energy body while you are performing a breathing exercise; therefore can be accomplished remotely as well as in person.

I would like to playfully describe it as understanding how to use a magical talent we all have. I have gained an understanding of how to work with the life energy drawing negative denser energy down to allow the influx of uplifting lighter energy creating an energetic vacuum, drawing life energy in from the crown of your head down into the earth out through the root of your feet.

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To derive the most from this faith is necessary. There needs to be the belief that we are genuinely doing something authentic in an energetic sense. It is essential that you understand I’m not doing this energy work alone; we’re doing it together.

You are allowing me to ‘help’ clear your energy and raise our vibration with our focused consciousness in sync by imagining what I have described.

In this, we have begun synchronizing our consciousness creating a simple common goal by grounding. We have started working together in allowing the manifestation of your ( now our) desires by uniting our consciousness with a common goal.

After we have created this bond in our meeting of mind, heart and body, you can enlighten me as to your goal or that special something you desire, which is to say something you feel you lack. I will create the feeling of the dream fulfilled in my heart and mind. I can easily see you as already having your desire because I have no personal consequence one way or the other. We will make positive affirmations while together we create the feeling of the wish fulfilled.